A Contract CFO Can Help Your Organization

Accounting for Non-Profit Groups

Executive Directors are responsible for the oversight of their organization.  Many times in a small non-profit the ED does not have any financial experience.  As a contracted CFO I manage the finances so the ED can concentrate on the mission of the organization.

It is very important for a non-profit to stay on track with their budget.  I monitor the monthly spending and compare it to budget.  I also prepare the monthly financial statements to present to the Board of Directors.

If your annual budget includes an audit I can imagine that is a very stressful time in the organization.  Often times the auditor is asking for reports, worksheets, line item expenses, etc.  Most times the ED or bookkeeper don't know what those are.  It's like speaking a different language.  As the bridge between you and the auditor I can make the annual audit less stressful.  I have worked with many auditors.  Your fees can usually be lowered since the auditor has some reassurance that the unaudited financial statements were prepared by another CPA.