Learn the advantages of

Hiring a Part-Time CFO

What is a Contract CFO?

A contract or part-time CFO offers the expertise of a senior-level chief financial officer but on a limited basis. I fill an important void in your business. That void is constantly changing. For one business it may be accounting. For another it might be implementing a new accounting system. For another it may be a filling in while an important person in your accounting department is on maternity.

Areas of Expertise:

• Monthly Accounting

• Bi-Weekly Corporate Payroll

• Budget Preparation and Analysis

• Preparation of Audit Workpapers

• Computer Consulting

• Financial Statements

• Remote Login Assistance

• Reducing Expenses

What are the benefits of hiring a contract CFO?

The advantage is simple. You only hire me on as needed basis. This means you save the cost of having a full-time certified financial officer if you don't need one at all times.